Thermoplastics Filament Mechanical Cleaning Process

Thermoplastics Filament Mechanical Cleaning Process



Marcela Moisson


Speaker Bio:

My name is Marcela Moisson, President of Recyouest. We are a French Technology Company that has been licensed to operate in the European Union and world.  Recyouest is a company working to address the use of energy and water consumption efficiently with a culture and mentality of innovation thru technology. We have created a unique process by which plastic is cleaned without the use of water, solvents or chemicals.  Via our process plastic is entirely transformed mechanically.  Recyouest’s exclusive process has been licensed as Machine Cleaning of Thermoplastic Filaments without using water or chemicals. We have been sponsored by The Chemistry School of Lille, The Textile French Institute, The Institute of Plastic Processing of Alencon, Ademe, BPI and many others whom with their trust and continued support made it possible for us to be here today.     Our Process was granted the Innovation Award and introduced at the COP21 of Paris sponsored by the National Institute of Industrial Protection.


Recyouest has developed a process especially focused in recycling agricultural plastics waste. This process main feature’s consists to be a fair solution for the planet and the European plastic industry It’s a non-water cleaning process for plastics which has been developed with main actors of the agriculture within the most important breeding region.

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