Odor Removal Technology for Agricultural Plastics

Odor Removal Technology for Agricultural Plastics


Alan DiUmberto
American Starlinger Sahm

Speaker Bio:

Alan has been involved with the specification and designing of plastic recycling systems for over 30 years.  Some of his early designs were precursors to many of the current systems used and sold today. His current position is the US and Canadian Sales Manager for the Recycling Division Starlinger & Company, Vienna Austria.  He is responsible for the sale of the recoSTAR line of plastic recycling equipment which utilizes size reduction, melt filtering, pelletizing, vapor and smell removal, in addition to solid state reactors, to recover 1 through 7’s.   With the recycling of agricultural films still in development, and many opportunities to yet go to market, Starlinger produces some of the most advanced recycling separation systems currently available.   These innovations will be on the list of items discussed during his presentation.


In addition to color and mechanical properties, smell has become an important and even critical issue affecting the quality of regranulate.  Odor reduction technology creates new and finer applications for recyclers and converters. Regrind and regranulate odors are caused by a variety of substances, such as residues of monomers, oxidation, hydrolysis, and decomposing products (VOCs – volatile contaminants).  Even odors and flavors of a packaged product can migrate into the plastic. Starlinger recycling technology puts a focus on smell reduction during and after the recycling process for an additional benefit to using r-pellets – an important step of up-cycling!

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