China’s solid waste imports policy updates

China’s solid waste imports policy updates – (free translation of news from Xinhua News Agency of 18 April 2017

by Dr. Steve Wong

During the 34th meeting of the Reform Enforcement Taskforce of the Central Government held by President Xi Jinping, the program of “Prohibition on import of (selected) solid waste in promotion of reform on solid waste imports management” was reviewed and approved.

The meeting focused on aiming to preserve the states environmental condition and safety as well as peoples overall health. In addition, they are working to improve the imports management system of solid waste by industry segment and by nature, and also to provide the time lines for the prohibition of solid waste imports. This will be comprehensively   implemented through adjustment of the import directory by category and sub-sector in order to substantially reduce imports by type and volume through legal, economic and administrative means. This will strengthen the reuse and recycling management of solid waste for the development of the circular economy.

By Dr. Steve Wong
Executive President, CSPA
Chairman, Fukutomi Company Limited
Committee Member, Plastics Committee of BIR
Committee Member, WEEE Committee of BIR

19 April 2017

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