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Jill Dunlop

Moderator Jill Dunlop Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association Moderator Bio: Jill Dunlop is responsible for providing support to Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association members in developing and implementing food safety and sustainability programs. She also provides training for and assistance with FSMA and third-party audits as well as

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Jan Bauer

Moderator Jan Bauer RIGK GmbH Moderator Bio: Since 2011 Jan Bauer, 36, has been Head of EPRO`s Agricultural Plastics Group. Jan Bauer  is working for RIGK as a Commercial Manager. He is part of the management team of the company and the General Manager of RIGK Chile S.p.A.

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Ron Perkins

Moderator   Ron Perkins Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) Moderator Bio: Ron has over 45 years of experience in the waste management and resource recovery profession. This experience includes fifteen years as the owner/operator of a solid waste management firm that implemented innovative residential curbside recycling systems in

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Barry Friesen

Moderator Barry Friesen CleanFarms Inc. Moderator Bio: Barry Friesen is a professional engineer and the General Manager of CleanFARMS Inc. Barry loves waste-resource management and works to eliminate waste in our society. CleanFARMS, is an industry stewardship company responsible for managing the collection, recycling and safe disposal of

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Lois Levitan

Moderator Dr. Lois Levitan Cornell University Moderator Bio: Directs Cornell University’s Recycling Agricultural Plastics Program (RAPP), which she founded in the early 2000s to tackle the multiple hurdles in the way of viable and sustainable recycling of waste plastics from agriculture.  Many of the resources RAPP has developed

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Ted Kaiser

Moderator   Ted Kaiser Dock7 Materials Group,  LLC Moderator Bio: Ted Kaiser is the owner and founder of Dock 7 Materials Group, LLC, a global import/export business dealing in plastic scrap, e-scrap, and commodities with over $4 million in annual sales. The company specializes in scrap and recycled plastic, particularly from

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Gene Jones

Moderator Eugene “Gene” Jones Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. Moderator Bio: Gene Jones serves as CEO of Southern Waste Information Exchange (SWIX), a non-profit organization which has been operating since 1981 assisting businesses and municipalities with their waste management issues.  In addition, Gene is a serial entrepreneur and

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The official Registrar for APRC 2017 is Registration Services a Division of B. W. Holding Group, LLC
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Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc.
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