Agricultural Plastic Film Mulch – Contamination

So you want to recycle Agricultural Plastic Film Mulch?
You better know how to deal with soil contamination.

It is kind of hard to imagine the amount of soil contamination in ag film mulch. This might help understand the issue. Take a look at these pictures below from the cleaning of some ag film from a shredding demo I just did in Jacksonville week before last.

View this link of the shredding video.

You may want to fast forward a bit in the video so you see the ending slides.


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If you want to learn more about recycling ag plastics come join us at the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Conference & Trade Show (APRC 2017) which will be held on August 23-25 in San Diego.


Total Sample Weight: 16.14 oz
Net Plastic after cleaning 4.16 oz
Total Soil and Moisture 11.98 oz 74%
Net Plastics 4.16 oz 26%


Contamination Breakdown:
Soil (e.g sand granules) 8.46 oz 71%
Soil Micro Dust 1.02 oz 9%
Estimated Moisture: 2.5 oz 21%
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